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Diana Walstad explores the natural balance of an ecosystem within the planted aquarium.

Ecology of the Planted Aquarium
Looking to spruce up that bare-bottom tank? Give it a Textured Sand Look

A great beginner's guide to identifying the most common of the aquarium plants. You may need to dig a little deeper to understanding specific conditions for families of plants.

Mini Encyclopedia of Aquarium Plants
Questions about RO/DI? Check out RO/DI Explained

Dr. Uwe Römer's first book is a wonderful tool for Apistogramma keepers!

Cichlid Atlas Vol 1
Interested in how the Nitrogen Cycle plays into a planted aquarium? Take a look at The Nitrogen Cycle

Dr. Uwe Römer's second book is a great expansion to the first book including new variations as well as images and maps.

Cichlid Atlas Vol 2
Looking for low-light plant options? Take a look at Seven Low Light Live Plant Options for Your Aquarium

Just beginning? Check out these Eight Beginner Live Plant Options for Your Aquarium

On a budget? Just trying to be fiscally responsible? Here are Seven Tips for Saving Money on Your Aquarium

Want to build a sturdy and affordable stand for your aquarium? Learn how to Do it Yourself!

Want to build a custom rack for multiple aquariums? Learn how to Do it Yourself!